You’ll Always Be More Than A Neural Pathway

Constantly repeating actions creates neural pathways like walkways in our brains. Humans get stuck in these pathways, because it’s a way for us to run on autopilot. Less energy is used in this state because the brain finds tasks it knows how to do well, simpler than learning new things.

This is what loving you felt like. It was a habit, an addiction, a well-defined neural pathway. Maybe it serves it an injustice to describe it in this way, but I have been trying to make sense of why we feel the way we do.

I try to just go with it, letting these feelings take me where they need to go, but they have been known to take me straight into your arms, arms that have grown weary of holding onto a fleeting moment.

What happens to these pathways once the object of their creation is gone? How long does it take to fade? Because no matter how long you have been gone, I can’t seem to forget how to hold you. Maybe you were always more than just a neural pathway.


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