28 Things I have Learned In 28 Years of life

We aren’t born with the answers to how we are going to live our lives. Time is the only thing that can reveal these answers. As we grow older we learn valuable lessons, which help us come to terms with the versions of ourselves that we inevitable develop into. A version that is, hopefully, wiser and better than the day before. Today, June 7th, is my 28th birthday and to commemorate that here is a list of 28 lessons I have learned throughout the years.

  1. Life is not always forward momentum. Sometimes, you find yourself stumbling backwards and this is needed to help center yourself so you can start moving forwards again.
  2. Grudges over love are never worth holding on to. If they aren’t treating you the way you expect to be, someone else will come around that can. Never settle for something that makes you feel unwanted.
  3. Be kind to people, even if they aren’t to you. You never know what battles they are fighting.
  4. Let go anger, it will only cause you harm.
  5. In fact let go of all negative energy that is holding you back from happiness.
  6. Surround yourself with people who build you up and support you. You have enough doubts in your own head; you don’t need them from outside sources.
  7. Never stop striving to make yourself better. We are not fixed beings; we are capable of growing into something different each and every day. Take advantage of this and learn a new way to live.
  8. Your biggest goal should be living a life that leads to happiness.
  9. Learn how to accept that things change because this is the only certainty in life. The more you hold on to trying to keep things static, the more you will suffer.
  10. Everyone has problems they are working through, you aren’t special and it shouldn’t be a competition.
  11. The simple act of living means you will suffer in one way or another; learn to accept to smile even in the most trying of times.
  12. Love is not supposed to hurt. It may not be perfect, but it shouldn’t be causing you to suffer on a regular basis.
  13. Learn to celebrate the small things. Life is happening around you and it isn’t going to slow down.
  14. Be active, go outside, and enjoy nature. Our world if a beautiful place and should be thoroughly experienced.
  15. You can keep learning even if you are no longer in school. Knowledge is powerful, never stop searching for answers. It will help you better understand this world.
  16. Stop saying you will do something tomorrow. Today is the best day to start working towards you goals. A better moment will never come.
  17. Failure is inevitable, but it makes you better. Learn to accept failure as a part of life, but don’t allow it to hold you back from trying again.
  18. The best person to rely on is yourself. Learn how to be self-sufficient.
  19. Relationships require a lot of work, but going to sleep with the same person in your bed every night can make life a little less lonely.
  20. Don’t get other people involved in problems with your significant other.
  21. Communication is a vital skill to have.
  22. Hustle hard, but be humble about it.
  23. Make sure you aren’t perpetuating your own misery because you have grown a taste for monotony.
  24. Don’t waste time stressing over small things you have no control over. If something doesn’t go right, learn to accept it and move forward. You don’t have control over the flow of the universe.
  25. Learning to forgive others for their mistakes is for you, not them. It helps give you peace of mind.
  26. Life can be expensive, but money will not bring you happiness.
  27. Your health is not guaranteed. Injuries and illnesses can take a long time to recover from. Take advantage of the days you are healthy and experience what the world has to offer.
  28. Most importantly, life should never be taken too seriously. Laugh at yourself, laugh with your friends, and smile more. Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

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