It’s Time For A New Narrative: Dr. Ford, I Believe You

Rape culture has become rampant in our society. Women can’t even walk down the street without fearing a man will physically assault them, in some way or another. There are a number of accounts of women being harmed and even kill for the simple act of telling a man she wasn’t interested. We are just trying to exist in a world where rape has become an everyday fear for us. We are told to not drink too much at parties, keep an eye on your drink at all times, travel in packs, avoid going out at night, and its best to hold your keys in your fist on the way to your car. All this, just to protect us from men who feel as though they have the right to take something from us.

We live in a society where the president of our country not only has been accused of sexual assault against women, but stands up for others who are also accused. Our judicial system is littered with these men who don’t hold the interest of women in mind. One where a woman is question about her honesty, while reliving the worst night of her life. Why is the woman’s character brought into question, before the males? Do we place women’s safety below the feelings of a man?

Many have questioned why Dr. Ford hasn’t spoken up, until now. To be honest, most women don’t go to the police when raped. They suffer silently, for fear of shame, of not being believed, of having to relive it over again each time they tell their story, of having to face their rapist in court and risk them not being found guilty. Women are taught to have a mouth full of sorrys for things they did not do. We are taught to make ourselves small to fit in a world where men dominate. Our safety has never been a priority.

In a day and age where #metoo is trending, it’s time for a new narrative, one where rape isn’t a casual thing that happens too often. We demand better of our men. It’s not time to defend males with “not all men.” Instead it’s time to say too many men commit this act. Men whose character is in question should not be allowed in a position of power. It’s time to clean up our act and demand better. It’s time for a change. Its’ time for women to shatter that glass ceiling and become equal members in our society, not objects of male desire.

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