10 Amazon Christmas Gifts For Her

10 Amazon Christmas Gifts For Her

Christmas, is just around the corner. It’s the time where families come together and enjoy the holidays together. It’s about peace and love. Finding the perfect holiday gift can add unwanted stress to these next few weeks. Whether it’s your girlfriend or your sister, here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for 2018. It helps that you can order all these items from Amazon, to help ease the stress of trying to figure out what the women in your life want.

Wine Accessories

You know at least one woman who likes to drink wine. Whether it’s a glass after a long day of work, to help unwind, or a bottle on the weekend to celebrate a small victory; you can always find her with a wine glass in her hand. The Ivation Wine Gift Set could be the perfect gift you have been looking for. This gift set includes a stainless steel electric wine bottle open, wine aerator, electric vacuum wine preserver, 2 bottle stoppers, foil cutter, and a charging base. Your loved ones will be opening bottles with ease, while also extending the life of their favorite red or white wine.


Leggings are not just for yoga. Women love wearing leggings all day, every day. Not only are they comfortable, but they can go with almost anything. Ndoobiy and Witkey have printed women’s leggings that come in a variety of designs and make the perfect Christmas gift for her.


Christmas is one step away from the New Year, which is the time people like to set new goals. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. This makes the Fitbit Charge 2 a perfect Christmas gift. With this, your mother, wife, or best friend can track her heartbeat and steps to help measure calories burned through the day. It can be used to maximize workouts, as it shows when your heart rate is in the fat burning zone. Wearing it to bed can help them track how long and well you slept and even has an alarm feature. Another handy feature is it shows your calls and text right on the OLED display.


I know this is cliché and that not all women like to wear makeup, but we all know a number of women who do. If you know your girlfriend has been talking about a specific pallet she has been wanting to get, take notes. It will make the perfect gift. You might even get bonus points for getting something she has been meaning to get herself.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are all natural stress relievers. Give relaxation this Christmas, in a healthy way. An essential oil diffuser might be just what she has been waiting for. The Secret Garden Essential Oil Diffuser gives the gift of all natural stress relief. Or if she already owns own you can also purchase essential oils for her diffuser.  Make her Christmas a relaxing one.


Women usually have a scent that they enjoy when they get older. They stick to that brand and rarely move away from it, unless they find something that they really enjoy otherwise. This Christmas you might consider finding a bottle of her favorite perfume as a gift. While you can get her something new, keep in mind she might still want to wear her favorite bottle above all else.

Bath Bombs

Taking a bath after a long day is a great way to relax. Especially, during the stressful holiday months. Bath Bombs are a great holiday gift for the special women in your life. ArtNaturals offers a bath bomb gift set that is all natural and can be purchased right from your computer on Amazon. This bath bombs gift set includes six bath bombs. They are all natural make from natural clays combined with mineral salts, shea butter, and other natural ingredients.


This time of year can get very cold. With the sun setting so early, most of us just want to spend the Christmas season lying in bed in our pajamas. Give your friends and family the gift of sleepwear. This can be a pair of slippers, an outfit, or even an oversized shirt. There is nothing better than going to bed in something comfortable.


Looking for a great gift for a friend or a lover? Books make great gifts and Amazon is packed full of them. Is she into Sci-Fi? Give Karen Chance’s Cassie Palmer series a try. There are a number of great poetry books out as well Whiskey Words & a Shovel, Pillow Thoughts, you can even pick up a copy of my personal poetry book, All or Nothing.

If you are unsure of what book to get her for a Christmas gift, gift cards are always an option.

Video Games

Yes, women like video games too and if the women you are looking to buy a gift for is very into video games, it’s an easy gift. Find out what platform she has and find a game she might enjoy. A few titles recently out include:

At the end of the day, the best Christmas gift you can give the loved ones in your life is something personalized. You know them the best. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, it could just be a few things they need around the house. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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