Review of Spiderman for PS4

I’d like to start this off by saying I have always been a huge Spiderman fan. So of course I was excited to hear about the new game. This just after the release of God of War, which was just jaw dropping itself. Proving that they are the system to beat, Sony manages to have two amazing games released within months of each other. From web-swinging around the city, to clearing the city of crime, Spiderman has manage to be one of the best superhero games to make it to this console, yet again.


Many might remember the Spiderman 2 for the ps2. That game was amazing for its time, but this new Spiderman adds high-definition graphics and much more to raise the bar. The open map allows the player to web-swing through the city along with Peter Parker. With a number of different web moves, the movement through the city is seamless. It will leave the player swinging from roof top to roof top as they collect various types of tokens just for fun.

The city is flawless, with hidden buildings all over. You have everything from Alias Investigation in Hell’s Kitchen, to Avengers towers. Spiderman is not Spiderman without swinging around the city of New York. With Manhattan the main area for the game, you are sure to find plenty to do inside this borough.


This is not the kind of game you just run through a linear story. With an open map there are various different tasks for you to accomplish. There are crimes to stop, pigeons to catch, black cats to locate. You get to choose if you want to jump into a fight gung-ho, or to take the stealthy route and web up the enemies with your web to make things a little more even.  And with three different DLC’s you have even more action packed story once you complete the main story.

As you go around collecting tokens, you get more gadgets and suits that are unlockable. You can upgrade skill points to make fighting more interesting, as well as suit powers that help to even the battle.

Amazing Storyline

The storyline had me hook from the very beginning. I was invested in Peter’s life from the moment I began; shipping him with Mary Jane, while wondering if Spiderman ever sleeps. There were many laughs at Peter’s quick wit, and even a few tears in the darker parts of the game, as I was routing for Spiderman to end up victorious, as superheroes always do. And don’t get me started on the amount of nemesis that makes appearances in this game. Does Spiderman always have this bad of a week?

Tedious Side Missions

Not every part of the game had me hooked, as eventually some of the side missions and tokens started to get a little tedious. There are only so many pigeons I want to chase after, before I got sick of it. As someone who like to complete the game 100% I manage to complete everything, despite how tedious it started to feel after the story was completed.

There isn’t much bad to stay about this new Spiderman game. The game looks amazing in 4K. With smooth fighting and web-swinging I have to say this is a hard game to pass up on. You’ll spend hours just going around the city to collect everything and trying out all Spiderman’s moves without getting bored. Tie this with a great story and you make for one amazing game.

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