The Last Year In My 20’s

This past Friday was my 29th birthday. As I enter the last year of my 20’s it makes me think of all the things I have learned over these last few years. I have grown into a completely different person, ready for the next chapter in my life. Here are some of my thoughts about life.

Drinking is a Young Persons Game

When we are young, college age, we are introduced to the world of drinking. It is all around us and the best way to relieve stress after a long week of classes. Everyone around is asking where the best parties are and who is going where. At that age, we can party all night and be fine the next day.

As I have aged, I realized that even a drink or two can greatly impact my performance the next day. This is why I have given up drinking for the most part. When I wake up in the morning I want to be able to face my goals head on, with a clear mind and body. I can’t afford to be groggy or hungover. It’s just not worth it anymore. I’d rather crush my goals on the weekend then spend it in bed nursing a hangover.

Hobbies are Vital

Once we are done with school and off on our respective careers, most of us stop learning. We spend our free time surfing the web, or staying at our T.V. until bed time. This offers us no growth causing us to become stagnant.

Everyone should invest in hobbies. You should have a few different hobby’s; one that makes you smarter, one that makes you fitter, one that challenges you to go further in your career, one that helps your creativity, and one that you enjoy. While you don’t have to do each of these hobbies every day, you should try to fit them in your schedule as often as possible.

Hobbies I like to include in my daily activities include; playing the guitar, video games, writing, reading, cooking, taking online classes, jogging, power lifting, yoga, and meditation. I will often cycle through these hobbies each year to keep things fresh and exciting. I also like to try out a new hobby to help with my creativity. This year I’ve added drawing and painting.

Be Aware of what You are Eating

Food is meant to keep us alive and fueled. Our nation creates a mass amount of food that isn’t good for us to consume. When we are younger it seems like we can eat anything and not suffer any consequences. However, as we age our bodies start to take the hits. While you don’t have to eat healthy every day, try to be aware of what you are putting into your body. Try foods that are going to aid in your health, rather than the ones that can cause damage.

I believer everyone should know how to cook. If you feel like you don’t have time, try meal prepping on the weekends. Try bringing health foods to work, and getting meals that are easy to make and eat when you get home for dinner. It’s a great start to a healthier lifestyle.

My girlfriend and I try to cook dinner together most nights. We have a protein, a vegetable, and a carb for most meals. I recently decide to focus more on the protein and veggie. We make enough for us both to pack a lunch the next day. Some days we will make a large meal that will last for 3-4 days to make the week a little easier for us. We try to cut down on sugar and only add them once in a while.

Time Management is a Must

Getting older also seems to mean getting busier, which is why time management is a must. If you need to, write out everything you wish to accomplish in the week, month, or year. Create a timeline of how you will get that done. Make little goals that you can achieve along the way that will help you reach the main goal. Try your best to stick to the timeline, but don’t get disappointed if you need more time.

I like to use apps on my phone to help with this. To help me build a more productive life, I have a habit building app. I make a list of things I wish to accomplish and how often in the week I want to do them. I then check them off every day after I am complete. This way I hold myself accountable and make sure I am being productive. In the past I have also written out daily schedule and check things off as I went along. Working for myself means I always need to remind myself to not get distracted from my productivity.

Spend Time with Those you Love  

Life isn’t always about work and goals. Sometimes, you need to set all of that aside and enjoy time with your loved ones. Put down the phone, computer, work, and be face to face with them. Let them know how much you appreciate them and build your relationship.

At the end of the day, you are in complete control of the path you are going to take. If you want to create a better version of yourself, it takes little bits of action each and every day. In life you need to find a balance of work and play. It isn’t always easy and many times you will falter, but the key is to keep trying.

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