It’s Time We All Learned To Be Better

I want to start this off by saying, yes, we are all human and we make mistakes. We shouldn’t always be held back by these mistakes. However, when someone repeatedly shows that they are okay with doing things that aren’t deemed necessary, than they should be held accountable.


Lying is a big pet peeve of mine, which is why I try, at all cost, to avoid it. I also don’t like to associate people who show that they are going to keep lying; even after they have been caught it lies time and time again.

When we reach a certain age we understand that lying is bad. It does more harm than good to people. Like I said in one of my previous post, the truth isn’t intended to hurt you, but a lie is. Lying causes the most pain, because not only did this person do something that is going to cause you pain, they decided to withhold this information from you, not giving you the chance to decide if they are worth keeping in your life or not. It’s as if they didn’t even trust you to understand they made a mistake. These kinds of people usually stack lies on top of each other, until they eventually crumble on top of them.


Why do people cheat in relationships? If you want to go around with other people, don’t be in a relationship. It’s as simple as that. It’s completely selfish to want to have a relationship, while also expecting the freedom of being single. Unless you have an open relationship establish, going around with another person is only going to break what you currently hold valuable.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but taking things that don’t belong to you isn’t cool. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, how would you feel if you found that someone had taken something you worked for? There so many more important things in the world, which aren’t material thing. These types of possessions do not come with happiness built into them.  I’ve witnessed too many people feel as though they have the right to take these types of objects from people.

I’m frustrated with the state of things right now. We all need to start trying to be better. Jealousy, is robbing us of our sense of peace. We value things more than people and feelings. Joy doesn’t come in a box, it’s found within ourselves and others. Even if it’s adding one good thing a day, we can all be better people.

Do You Need Space?

What do you call the space that grows between two people? The space that starts off as unnoticeable, but with time can grow into a canyon? And what can you find in this space other than time and distance? Is it always filled with hatred and bitterness, or does it also have doses of indifference? How does this space become so wide, that times seems to passed with a blink of the eye and you have been without them longer than you ever spent next to them? How can some people be so important to you in one part of your life, and not even a speck in your existence in the next? Is this the doomed life we are force to live? Because my heart has been abused by these coming and goings and I don’t want this to get easier with time. Just tell me this distance won’t grow too big, because I can’t imagine a future without you in it, but I’m starting to sense the growing of space.

Nothing’s Changed

Nothing’s change, except time. I still feel the same, but every time I try to bridge the distance between us, I get shoved back with both hands. And how many times can one person justify standing an arm’s length away, hoping for things to be different, to be better? When history creates habits hard to break, it’s difficult to look passed all the bad. Things may never have been the way I wanted them to be, but not for one moment do I second guess this. I’d take the bad all over again if it meant sense could be made out of this mess we created.

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Does He See You Now?

To be honest, thoughts of you invade my mind way more than I would like to admit. Every time we parted, it was as though you hadn’t really been there at all. I couldn’t remember seeing you, or the words you had said. You could say I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that you were even there. We were taking up the same space, but I couldn’t remember it. I had this distinct feeling that I may have made you up in my mind. That you were never really there, but rather a thought that was meant to help me get though a past that still haunted me and that isn’t fair to you.

I never gave you the chance you deserved.


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You’ll Always Be More Than A Neural Pathway

Constantly repeating actions creates neural pathways like walkways in our brains. Humans get stuck in these pathways, because it’s a way for us to run on autopilot. Less energy is used in this state because the brain finds tasks it knows how to do well, simpler than learning new things.

This is what loving you felt like. It was a habit, an addiction, a well-defined neural pathway. Maybe it serves it an injustice to describe it in this way, but I have been trying to make sense of why we feel the way we do.

I try to just go with it, letting these feelings take me where they need to go, but they have been known to take me straight into your arms, arms that have grown weary of holding onto a fleeting moment.

What happens to these pathways once the object of their creation is gone? How long does it take to fade? Because no matter how long you have been gone, I can’t seem to forget how to hold you. Maybe you were always more than just a neural pathway.


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I Fell In Love With The Truth

She told the truth so freely, as if it was flowing out of her like a coursing river. The kind that has the power to create a new path if it has to and there was no stopping it. She never held back a thing from me. Every word out of her was causing me to sink deeper. In the end I fell in love with her her truths.

It made me spoiled, because through all this we were keeping a huge secret from everyone in our lives. In the absence of eyes, our truths came out out when we were together between entangled sheets. I grew to resent the lying, with the truth craving to come spilling out of me like an overflowing bucket.

In the end it was the truths that caused us to come crashing down. We were one truth she couldn’t stand to face. It was the sin she could no longer carry. And when our lies could no longer bear the weight of the coursing river, the truths broke down the dam that send us to an ending neither of us had predicted among the passion.


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