The Effect Positive Thinking has on Your Health

Positive thinking isn’t always the easy things in the world. It will often seem impossible to control the direction the voice in our head will take. When it comes to being healthy, many of us forget to work on keeping our thoughts and mind healthy. We go to the gym and eat a healthy diet, but we never think to clean up the things we hear in our own head. But keeping your mind on track with positive thoughts can actually help you live longer and improve your health. Here are just a few reasons why you should try keeping a positive outlook to improve your lifestyle.

Reduces stress

Life is always going to have its challenges that will push you to your limits. This can cause stress. When the body is stressed the brain signals the releases of a hormone called cortisol. A number of different health issues have been linked to excess amounts of cortisol. By reducing your stress, you can reduce the levels of cortisol that is released into your system. While negative thoughts can put your body into stress, positive thoughts can help prevent this. Controlling the path your thoughts go is a great start in reducing stress.

Fights depression

Most psychologists will agree, depression often comes along with pessimistic thinking. While you can’t always fight depression with positive thinking, it can be a big help. It all starts with you learning to push away the negative thoughts and allow positivity to replace them. Your thought patterns can be altered to allow a more positive outlook. This isn’t always an easy task, but it can have a huge impact on your life. It takes time and effort to master.

Increased immune system

While there is still more studies that need to be done on this, it has been shown that how you think can have an impact on how your immune system will function. It seems that a positive outlook can even help you fight off those nasty colds. People displaying an optimistic outlook are more likely to show an increase in their immune system, while people with a pessimistic outlook had lowered immunity.

Live longer

Not only does positive thinking help reduce stress and increase you immune system, but it helps you live longer overall. People with an optimistic outlook have been shown to have lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart attack, even if they have a family history of it. Happier people tend to live healthier lifestyles and make better life decisions. This helps aid in keeping them healthier longer.

Your body is affected by your brain, and what you think can have a huge impact on it. Keeping a positive outlook not only helps you live a happier life, it has been proven to help you lead a longer, healthier life. While it isn’t always the easiest thing to do, learning how to control the things you think can be very beneficial in all aspects of your life. It is an essential to your health as working out and keeping a healthy diet. Overall health doesn’t just stop with your body; it also resides in the way you are thinking.

Memories Eventually Fade

Days pass and you are a constant resident in my thoughts. I try to escape them, but they are like waves crashing on the beach, controlled by outer forces. And when I run, I crash into neural pathways loaded with memories of you. These thoughts are flung at me, distant memories, broken promises, missing your presence, hating your absence. I have no control of their path or their silence. They are an enemy of my subconscious, scratching at the surface when my mind lay idle. I know I could fight them off if I could only bring myself a distraction, but that is only temporary and I lack the motivation.

Perhaps I have become content with my misery. It is the only place where I see you now. In an obscure recollection of what we once had. I still want you it seems, to fill my memory banks with more dynamite. More reason to cause me pain. In this pain a masochist is born. One who craves the way you break my heart. I want you to destroy me. I want you to hurt me. I want you anyway you allow me. Don’t stop until my mouth is filled with blood and my heart lay broke on the floor.

With my pain you cause your own. We are always going to care about each other, which makes the pain we cause more bitter sweet. We fight to see who can throw the lowest blow. Not because we want to hurt the other, but because we want our pain to be valid. If we feel each other’s pain, which devastates us, maybe it will all make sense. We want to find a way to understand each other, so we don’t have to be alone in our hurt. Misery loves company and our misery is just perpetuating a never ending circle of despair. One I can’t seem to escape from, at the very least at least I don’t have to be alone.

Loneliness, everyone feels it from time to time and it is what drives us to find ways to fill it. The problem is we often fill it with whatever comes along. Not because it is what we need, but rather because it fills the void as a place holder. Well I don’t want to be a place holder. I want to be the one thing that you can’t stand to lose. I want to help you grow and I want you to push me to grow. I don’t want to be stuck in a never ending cycle of pain and misery. I want to talk this out and make it work. I don’t want to be the poison in your vein and the hate in your heart, anymore.

I’m starting to think that maybe it is too late for us. We are stuck in habits that dictate how we treat each other. Maybe time and space are what we need to make this work. But time and space have done nothing but put a divide between us. What we need is an open honest conversation, where all our thoughts and feelings are laid out on the table. But this is not something you want to be a part of and I don’t blame you for those feelings. I’ve been told that memories eventually fade.


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Doubt, The Dream Killer

Doubt is an ugly human habit. We doubt ourselves, we doubt others, and we doubt anything we can. This is our own way of trying to protect ourselves from pain and failure. We build these walls around ourselves from the doubts we have, piling them as high as we can as a safety net. However, listening to this doubt might cause more harm than good, in the end.

Most of us have dreams to be something better than average, to rise above, creating the best possible life for our families. Yet many of us let the doubt in the back of our heads prevent us from taking the necessary steps to reach this level of greatness. While we may strive for more, we don’t take the steps needed to actually move towards our goals. We settle for an average life because this is safer.

Settling for average is easy, but it kills dreams. You live your entire life inside of a box where you fit comfortable. Your comfort box is what prevents you from flourishing, letting doubt tuck us in. This is when you start living the same day over and over. Not experiencing any real growth. Every dream you have ever had is just outside this box. It is within reach, you just have to be willing to step out.

What is the point of life if you just accept what is handed to you? Do you not want to live for a greater purpose? Hundreds of years from now your name will fade from this existence, if you don’t make it mean something more while you still have the chance. Leave your mark on humanity and let them remember you long after you are gone. Let them know that you never settle for average, but rather you reached for something greater and because of that you lived the life you always dreamed of.

How do you achieve this greatness? There doesn’t seem to be just one equation for accomplishing this, but rather many. It all starts with a single step, as all great voyages do. Most people who have reached a high level of success don’t find it overnight. They kept working for it through all their failure and disappointment. They had faith that, if they put in the work, there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. Greatness is a journey that is built one step at a time.

On this journey you will absolutely be pelted with thoughts of doubt and might even want to quit some days. The key is to push through these. Sure, doubt can help you avoid failure, but failure is still one step closer to greatness. Failure and success are not endpoints, but rather new beginnings. They are the start of a new journey, teaching you how to adapt to situations by pushing through and making it work any way you can. In failure you can achieve success and in success you can find failure. So never settle, never quit.

The Enemy Within

A product of evolution, the human species is left to experience moments of extreme happiness and extreme lows. We seek to fill our desires in a way that creates a sense of happiness. This happiness, however, always seems so fleeting. We poison our bodies with liquor and seek carnal pleasures. Constantly searching for a way to avoid being alone with our own thoughts. These types of methods are never permanent, as we see the happiness eventually start to slip away. Evolution has taught us to constantly crave these things for a brief reprieve from our suffering. Suffer is human nature, after all. But what if there is another way? Wouldn’t anyone choose exist in a happy state?

The unconscious mind can be our biggest enemy. We wage internal wars, beyond our control. It’s where our doubts start creating problems that are not necessarily there. This type of thinking tends to creep in when our minds are idle, when our thoughts are allowed to run free. Seemingly coming from nowhere, to torture you with thoughts that you wouldn’t normally fret over. It can wreak havoc on you while you are lying in bed trying to sleep. Creating unreasonable doubt and issues, where you never saw any prior.

Leaving your mind idle, without distraction can be a dangerous thing for many of us. Without distractions we are overwhelmed with our own consciousness. It plays tricks on us and can be responsible for our unhappiness. Problems are created in the moments we spend alone that can leave us miserable. It’s almost as if our own mind is against us as it aids in creating this unhappiness inside of us.

Allowing your mind to poison you with these types of thoughts isn’t the only way to live. Finding a way to control your thoughts, erasing the negative ones with more positive thoughts can have a drastic change on your life. While it isn’t an easy path, it is one that can teach you that happiness is not always something you pursue, but rather a state of being.

One of the ways to do this is with mindfulness. Utilizing meditation, you learn how to stop these thoughts from surfacing. You experience life in the moment. Focusing on your breathing, you learn how to push away these thoughts that seem to just pop up. While this isn’t always easy at the beginning, with time you find yourself able to control your thoughts. You don’t allow these doubts to find a home inside you and rather replace them with a sense of peace.

Sometimes, the greatest enemy you will ever face is the one that resides in your own mind. However, when you start to recognize this, you learn there is a way to alter this. There are a number of ways to master your mind, and in turn master your ability to be happy at a moments notice.