Using A Local Massachusetts Content Writer To Market Your Business


So you have decided to start your own business. You have you business plan laid out, a website in the works, and friends who are willing to be your first customers. What do you do next? Well, for a business to success you need a marketing plan. While word of mouth can bring in leads, the internet will bring in more. Here a few ways to market your business.

Utilize Social media

Social media is addictive, which means people are on it constantly. Many companies are taking advantage of this to bring in leads. However, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Pick a couple of the more popular sites to use that you know you can keep up to date. If you aren’t going to be able to provide fresh content on it, consider hiring someone to help you with this.


Don’t have a big enough audience on your social media yet? Consider paying for ads to bring in customers. Writing effective copy can create a conversation and bring people to you. Ads are a great way to utilize social media to gain a bigger following.


Search Engine optimization should not be underestimated, but also not over used. While you don’t have to litter every piece of writing with SEO, keep it in mind to help with your ranking in Google.

Keep Website Up-to-date

Every once in a while you need revamp your website. Provide new work to your portfolio, write a new about me section, expand if you need to. This is going to show your current customers that you are still growing and they can expect great service, while introducing you to new possible leads.


Blogging is a way to get your name out there, and allows you to connect with your clients. It shows that you are knowledgeable about the key aspects of your business, and provides useful information. The best part is, it sits on your page for years to come and can still generate new organic leads. The best way to utilize a blog is to make sure it is being updated on a regular basis.

Finding it hard to keep up with the writing aspect of business? Want to just focus on running your company? I am currently looking for more clients. For any of your writing needs, email me at

Review of Spiderman for PS4

I’d like to start this off by saying I have always been a huge Spiderman fan. So of course I was excited to hear about the new game. This just after the release of God of War, which was just jaw dropping itself. Proving that they are the system to beat, Sony manages to have two amazing games released within months of each other. From web-swinging around the city, to clearing the city of crime, Spiderman has manage to be one of the best superhero games to make it to this console, yet again.


Many might remember the Spiderman 2 for the ps2. That game was amazing for its time, but this new Spiderman adds high-definition graphics and much more to raise the bar. The open map allows the player to web-swing through the city along with Peter Parker. With a number of different web moves, the movement through the city is seamless. It will leave the player swinging from roof top to roof top as they collect various types of tokens just for fun.

The city is flawless, with hidden buildings all over. You have everything from Alias Investigation in Hell’s Kitchen, to Avengers towers. Spiderman is not Spiderman without swinging around the city of New York. With Manhattan the main area for the game, you are sure to find plenty to do inside this borough.


This is not the kind of game you just run through a linear story. With an open map there are various different tasks for you to accomplish. There are crimes to stop, pigeons to catch, black cats to locate. You get to choose if you want to jump into a fight gung-ho, or to take the stealthy route and web up the enemies with your web to make things a little more even.  And with three different DLC’s you have even more action packed story once you complete the main story.

As you go around collecting tokens, you get more gadgets and suits that are unlockable. You can upgrade skill points to make fighting more interesting, as well as suit powers that help to even the battle.

Amazing Storyline

The storyline had me hook from the very beginning. I was invested in Peter’s life from the moment I began; shipping him with Mary Jane, while wondering if Spiderman ever sleeps. There were many laughs at Peter’s quick wit, and even a few tears in the darker parts of the game, as I was routing for Spiderman to end up victorious, as superheroes always do. And don’t get me started on the amount of nemesis that makes appearances in this game. Does Spiderman always have this bad of a week?

Tedious Side Missions

Not every part of the game had me hooked, as eventually some of the side missions and tokens started to get a little tedious. There are only so many pigeons I want to chase after, before I got sick of it. As someone who like to complete the game 100% I manage to complete everything, despite how tedious it started to feel after the story was completed.

There isn’t much bad to stay about this new Spiderman game. The game looks amazing in 4K. With smooth fighting and web-swinging I have to say this is a hard game to pass up on. You’ll spend hours just going around the city to collect everything and trying out all Spiderman’s moves without getting bored. Tie this with a great story and you make for one amazing game.

Setting Yourself Up For Failure: The New Year’s Resolution Trap

As we quickly approach a new year, many people are taking the time to reevaluate their life. It’s a common time for us to come up with new goals that we wish to achieve to in the New Year. Many of us use this time of the year as a reason to completely makeover our life and become the person we have been wanting to. The New Year, new me mentality. However, we find that we tend to fail year after year. We set off on this new life for a few months or so, only to go back to our own ways shortly after. Here are some reasons you are setting yourself up for failure and how to correct that to achieve your goals this year.

Unrealistic Expectations

Most of us go about our goals with an entire U-turn of our life; jumping head first into these changes, without much of a thought. The problem with this is humans are resistant to change. Our brains are wired to keep doing the things we were doing over and over again. If we don’t take time to ease ourself into these huge changes it becomes difficult.

In order to create a change, we must first create new habits. To do this takes time, repeating the new action over and over again until it starts to be something your brain knows and wants to do. For example if you want to change your eating habits, a crash diet isn’t going to cut it. The best course of action is changing your diet long term. You can eat bad stuff; you just have to eat it less. If most of the days in the week you are eating healthy, a junk day isn’t going to be an issue. If you are eating junk 6 days out of the week, this is where the issue comes in. Moderation is key.

Some ways to ease yourself into this is adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Increase your water intake over the next few weeks, while cutting out soda and juice. Eating clean protein with every meal is going to help as well. As time goes on you will find that these things get easier to add, while taking out the bad stuff.

You Burned Yourself Out

The best way to fail a New Year’s resolution is by going too hard, too fast. By the end of the first month you just want to take a little rest, but end up falling back into your old habits. Once that happens it’s hard to start back up and you end up putting it off for a whole year again.

Say you want to go to start going to the gym. You don’t want to start going to the gym every day for a week and burn yourself out. By the time the next week comes around you are going to be burned out. Ease yourself into a going every other day or even just on the weekends. Start off slow. Get your body used to moving, and then you can start to increase the amount of exercise you do a week. Once it becomes a habit, going to the gym 5 days a week should be easy

You Doubt Yourself

After setting out on your goals you start to think that it’s too hard. You don’t give yourself enough time for a change to actually show. At this time you start thinking it impossible and too hard to accomplish. Failing back into old habits is easier.

Everyone has doubts from time to time. When you rush into change and don’t see results right away, it can have an effect on your drive. And once doubt enters your mind it can take away all that motivation you had at the beginning. While you can’t always control the doubt, you can push through it.

Be realistic when setting your goals. Know what to expect and find a way to push through the doubts. Don’t let them rule your mind. Motivation is going to help you start, but you need persistence to keep going.

New Year’s is a great time to take a look at the things you want to change. It’s like opening a new chapter with new possibilities. But change takes time and the best way to go about it, is to ease yourself into these changes. You don’t want to jump head first into your new goals. That is only setting you up for failure. Give yourself time to create new habits and you will finally see your New Year’s resolutions come to fruition.

Does All Love Come With An Endpoint?

She comes to me in the dead night, while I slumber. “I love you.” slips for her mouth, exactly how I remembered it. This time I can spot the frayed ends all over the words. The punctuation so firm at the end of the sentence, I see the ending she began. Her love wasn’t meant to last a lifetime, perhaps mine wouldn’t have either.  She will learn to move on, while I’m left to analyze the dreams from the time it all started to fall apart. Finding each small moment she started to slip away from me, one sentence at a time.

Did You Hear It This Time?

In a world filled with distractions, sometimes I feel as though we occupy the same space, but we don’t really see or hear each other. Our thoughts are always being diverted towards a million other things. In this moment, I want you to see me. I want your undivided attention, if only for a blink in this timeline. I want you to hear me when I say I love you.


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