There is a Girl who Belongs to No One

There is a girl who belongs to no one. I don’t even think she belongs to herself. She breaks her own heart every day. In ways she doesn’t understand and when someone tries to get close, she shuts down so completely, with steel doors slamming in their face. There is no saving her, or fixing her. She isn’t a broken item, so easily glued together. She is the reflection of everlasting pain, the kind that rips and tears at you from the inside telling her how she will never be good enough. What she can’t understand is how she is more than enough, but those words are never allowed to penetrate her eardrums.

Maybe, she doesn’t know how to exist outside of misery, the warm pit of despair she likes to call home. You are left to climb over her walls, but even that isn’t enough because her home is rigged with electric fences and Doberman Pinschers that have acquired a taste for flesh. Alarms are rigged to which no one has the password for. Not to mention the bars on the windows and an armory so large, you’d think we were in the apocalypse. But this isn’t the end of the world, and my time is too short to allow the sniper one more shot at my heart. I was already bleeding before I arrived. I can’t survive more wounds being inflicted on me.


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