Five Reason’s Your Social Media Isn’t Generating Leads

Business owners today know that social media is a big part of growing your business. Having an online presence can help bring in a lot of leads, but it isn’t always a simple thing to accomplish. You might find that yourself engaging in all levels of social media, without much success. While it does take time to build and online presence, sometimes you just aren’t doing it right. Here are some reasons your social media isn’t generating leads.

You don’t post interesting content

To keep people interested, you have to provide them with content that will keep them coming back. You don’t want to just stick to self-promotion. Otherwise, people aren’t going to see a need to continue follow your social media. Providing fresh content on a weekly basis can really help drive traffic to your sites.

Your social media isn’t promoted on your site

Having social media isn’t always enough; you need to promote these sites. Provide links to them on your website; don’t expect your customer base to go out of their way to search for these themselves.

You don’t understand how to use them right

Every social media site has its own way of attracting followers. You need to understand the way you use Twitter, isn’t going to be the same way you would use Facebook. Learning how to make each type of social media work for you, you need to know why your followers use that site first.

You’ve spread yourself too thin

More isn’t always better. Being on multiple social media sites isn’t away going to attract more customers and might make it difficult for you to keep up with all of them. Narrow down the sites that are more beneficial to your type of business and focus on those. Don’t spread yourself too thin, where you aren’t providing enough engaging content on each site. Instead make sure to add fresh content on the sites you do use, as often as you can.

Lack of conversation

Having social media isn’t just for self-promotion, have some fun with it. Keep up a two way conversation with your followers to keep them interesting and coming back. Followers like to be heard, and replying to a Facebook post or a tweet can accomplish this. Taking a few minutes every day to respond to a few comments can really help you build long term relationships with your customers.

Social media isn’t just for family and friends anymore. Companies are using these platforms to connect with their current customers and bring in more. Building relationships with your customers can help keep them coming back. Fresh content that provides useful information is important to keep them coming back.

If your business is in need of fresh content for sites, contact me today.

New Year’s Resolution: Three Tips For Organizing Your Garage

If you are like many other garage owners, your space is so cluttered there is no way you could think about parking your car in there. The thought of cleaning a space, such as this, can be a daunting one. This is why, when faced with a task like this, it is best to go at it with a plan. Here are some tips for organizing your garage.

Create a plan

The first thing you want to do is actually get into it. As Newton’s laws of physics state, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Once you start the motivation to finish will help out. Start by coming up with a plan of action. Break it down into little task, maybe start with a corner and work your way outward. By breaking it into little task, organizing your garage seems more manageable.

Make piles

Start sorting your items into different piles. One for things you will keep, another for things that can be sold or donated, and a third for stuff you can just toss out. This will let you know what needs to go back into the garage and what doesn’t need to be there anymore.

Look into self-storage

Once the piles are sorted, and you find that you still don’t have enough space to park your car in its home, you might want to start looking into self-storage. Self-storage can help you keep things important to you, without the cluttering up your home or garage.

The Importance Of Intentional Listening

It’s not hard for anyone to understand the desire to want to not only be heard, but understood as well. In a society where multitasking is at an all-time high, sometimes focusing on listening can take a back seat. In fact today is seems like most people are more intent on responding, than listening. Whether you are a salesperson trying to get a big client, or a manager listening to the needs of an employee, intentional listening is an essential key to success. Here are is why intentional listening is important.

Listen To Understand

Most people listen with the intent of responding. Intentional listening is when you listen to understand. This type of listening can be vital in all aspects of life, business being a big one. There are a number of ways intentional listening can make a business run more efficiently, therefore increasing revenue. For example, when you utilize intentional listening when speaking to a potential client, you get a better understanding of their wants and needs, which can make it easier to explain why your product would be best for them. When your customers feel that you understand them and their needs, they are more likely to stick around.

Creates A Longer Relationship With Clients

Building and maintaining a reputation with your clients through listening, is beneficial to you in the long run. Not only do you keep a long term client, but it opens you to more business through referrals. A single client can make or break your reputation. Intentional listening can help you reduce the possibility of conflict and treat the clients how they expect to be treated.

Show You Care

Another importance of intentional listening in business is when it comes to your employees. Happy employees, make for more effective employees. Keep them happy and your business will run smoother. When you listen to what they have to say, you not only show them you care about their needs and desires, you can better understand what they want to gain from working there. With your help, you can help them develop a plan to succeed that helps both them and the business in the long run.

Build Trust

A vital component for intentional listening is developing trust. This trust is what keeps your clients and employees happy. When they trust that you have their best interests in mind they are more likely to stick around. Building trust among your employees will help motivate them to do the best work possible.

Multitasking, while is seems like an effective way to get more things down at once, often leads to you taking longer to get things done. The human brain cannot actively do multiple things at once without sacrificing efficiency. If you are listening to someone speak, while also checking your emails on your phone, not only are you being disrespectful to the person you are supposed to be listening to, you are not intentionally listening to what they have to say. When you aren’t listening to them, you miss the actual message they are giving you. You can’t be an effective leader if you don’t listen to what your clients or employees are saying. If you wish to have a constructive conversation, consider leaving the multitasking for another time.

Next time you have a conversation with an employee or client; try listening to them in order to understand what it is they want. When you utilize intentional listening, you are more capable of making them happy and moving towards a more mutually beneficial arrangement. Listening should never just be about waiting for a chance to respond. Actively listening to understand helps build positive conversations and relationships between employees and clients.

New Year, New You: Nutritional Tips To Help You Conquer The New Year

Now that we are a few weeks into the New Year, you might see that your new year’s resolutions have started to slip. If being healthy is your goal, nutrition and fitness are your friends. Going on a diet isn’t necessarily what you need to do; rather you should learn how to incorporate healthy food, while removing junk in your everyday. It shouldn’t be a set time period, rather a lifestyle change. Here are some healthy tips to keep you on track.

Cut Out Sugary Drinks

Sugar doesn’t have to be your enemy, but consuming too much on a daily basis is going to have a negative impact on your health. Drinking soda and juice is the biggest culprit of this. By consuming these beverages, you are putting empty calories into your diet. They have little to no nutritional value and can actually make you crave more sugar.

Keep Track Of What You Are Consuming

The best way to know where your diet is suffering is to keep a food diary. This can help keep your accountable for the stuff you are putting in your body. Once you have the nutritional value of everything laid out on paper, you can see the areas that need to change.

If you don’t like the old fashion method of paper, there are a number of different apps you can download on your phone to help you keep track of this. These apps will automatically add all your nutrients together and give you an idea of where you are at. You can also set goal for fat intake, calorie intake, etc.

Drink Water

We all need water to live. In fact more than 70% of our body is made of water. Yet most people fail to hydrate properly. Drinking water throughout the day can help keep you hydrated and healthy. Proper hydration can curve hunger, and make you feel better all around. Keeping a refillable water bottle on you all day is the best way to have water on you at all times.

Snack Healthy

It’s three in the afternoon, and you are feeling a little hungry. You try to find something quick to eat to fill the time before dinner. What you grab at this moment is going to have a major impact on your diet. Chips and cookies are an easy snack that you can eat on the go; however they aren’t going to do you any favors. They are going to make you feel sluggish and regretful. Instead try grabbing a quick fruit or vegetable. Fruit can give you that sugar rush without having to feel guilty about eating it.

Changing your bad habits is going to be hard and take time, but if you keep trying it will get easier. Some of these steps are small and take less effort. They just have to become a habit for it to feel natural. Use these tips to make this year the year you actually find the new you, you have been looking for.

Setting Yourself Up For Failure: The New Year’s Resolution Trap

As we quickly approach a new year, many people are taking the time to reevaluate their life. It’s a common time for us to come up with new goals that we wish to achieve to in the New Year. Many of us use this time of the year as a reason to completely makeover our life and become the person we have been wanting to. The New Year, new me mentality. However, we find that we tend to fail year after year. We set off on this new life for a few months or so, only to go back to our own ways shortly after. Here are some reasons you are setting yourself up for failure and how to correct that to achieve your goals this year.

Unrealistic Expectations

Most of us go about our goals with an entire U-turn of our life; jumping head first into these changes, without much of a thought. The problem with this is humans are resistant to change. Our brains are wired to keep doing the things we were doing over and over again. If we don’t take time to ease ourself into these huge changes it becomes difficult.

In order to create a change, we must first create new habits. To do this takes time, repeating the new action over and over again until it starts to be something your brain knows and wants to do. For example if you want to change your eating habits, a crash diet isn’t going to cut it. The best course of action is changing your diet long term. You can eat bad stuff; you just have to eat it less. If most of the days in the week you are eating healthy, a junk day isn’t going to be an issue. If you are eating junk 6 days out of the week, this is where the issue comes in. Moderation is key.

Some ways to ease yourself into this is adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Increase your water intake over the next few weeks, while cutting out soda and juice. Eating clean protein with every meal is going to help as well. As time goes on you will find that these things get easier to add, while taking out the bad stuff.

You Burned Yourself Out

The best way to fail a New Year’s resolution is by going too hard, too fast. By the end of the first month you just want to take a little rest, but end up falling back into your old habits. Once that happens it’s hard to start back up and you end up putting it off for a whole year again.

Say you want to go to start going to the gym. You don’t want to start going to the gym every day for a week and burn yourself out. By the time the next week comes around you are going to be burned out. Ease yourself into a going every other day or even just on the weekends. Start off slow. Get your body used to moving, and then you can start to increase the amount of exercise you do a week. Once it becomes a habit, going to the gym 5 days a week should be easy

You Doubt Yourself

After setting out on your goals you start to think that it’s too hard. You don’t give yourself enough time for a change to actually show. At this time you start thinking it impossible and too hard to accomplish. Failing back into old habits is easier.

Everyone has doubts from time to time. When you rush into change and don’t see results right away, it can have an effect on your drive. And once doubt enters your mind it can take away all that motivation you had at the beginning. While you can’t always control the doubt, you can push through it.

Be realistic when setting your goals. Know what to expect and find a way to push through the doubts. Don’t let them rule your mind. Motivation is going to help you start, but you need persistence to keep going.

New Year’s is a great time to take a look at the things you want to change. It’s like opening a new chapter with new possibilities. But change takes time and the best way to go about it, is to ease yourself into these changes. You don’t want to jump head first into your new goals. That is only setting you up for failure. Give yourself time to create new habits and you will finally see your New Year’s resolutions come to fruition.

10 Amazon Christmas Gifts For Her

10 Amazon Christmas Gifts For Her

Christmas, is just around the corner. It’s the time where families come together and enjoy the holidays together. It’s about peace and love. Finding the perfect holiday gift can add unwanted stress to these next few weeks. Whether it’s your girlfriend or your sister, here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for 2018. It helps that you can order all these items from Amazon, to help ease the stress of trying to figure out what the women in your life want.

Wine Accessories

You know at least one woman who likes to drink wine. Whether it’s a glass after a long day of work, to help unwind, or a bottle on the weekend to celebrate a small victory; you can always find her with a wine glass in her hand. The Ivation Wine Gift Set could be the perfect gift you have been looking for. This gift set includes a stainless steel electric wine bottle open, wine aerator, electric vacuum wine preserver, 2 bottle stoppers, foil cutter, and a charging base. Your loved ones will be opening bottles with ease, while also extending the life of their favorite red or white wine.


Leggings are not just for yoga. Women love wearing leggings all day, every day. Not only are they comfortable, but they can go with almost anything. Ndoobiy and Witkey have printed women’s leggings that come in a variety of designs and make the perfect Christmas gift for her.


Christmas is one step away from the New Year, which is the time people like to set new goals. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. This makes the Fitbit Charge 2 a perfect Christmas gift. With this, your mother, wife, or best friend can track her heartbeat and steps to help measure calories burned through the day. It can be used to maximize workouts, as it shows when your heart rate is in the fat burning zone. Wearing it to bed can help them track how long and well you slept and even has an alarm feature. Another handy feature is it shows your calls and text right on the OLED display.


I know this is cliché and that not all women like to wear makeup, but we all know a number of women who do. If you know your girlfriend has been talking about a specific pallet she has been wanting to get, take notes. It will make the perfect gift. You might even get bonus points for getting something she has been meaning to get herself.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are all natural stress relievers. Give relaxation this Christmas, in a healthy way. An essential oil diffuser might be just what she has been waiting for. The Secret Garden Essential Oil Diffuser gives the gift of all natural stress relief. Or if she already owns own you can also purchase essential oils for her diffuser.  Make her Christmas a relaxing one.


Women usually have a scent that they enjoy when they get older. They stick to that brand and rarely move away from it, unless they find something that they really enjoy otherwise. This Christmas you might consider finding a bottle of her favorite perfume as a gift. While you can get her something new, keep in mind she might still want to wear her favorite bottle above all else.

Bath Bombs

Taking a bath after a long day is a great way to relax. Especially, during the stressful holiday months. Bath Bombs are a great holiday gift for the special women in your life. ArtNaturals offers a bath bomb gift set that is all natural and can be purchased right from your computer on Amazon. This bath bombs gift set includes six bath bombs. They are all natural make from natural clays combined with mineral salts, shea butter, and other natural ingredients.


This time of year can get very cold. With the sun setting so early, most of us just want to spend the Christmas season lying in bed in our pajamas. Give your friends and family the gift of sleepwear. This can be a pair of slippers, an outfit, or even an oversized shirt. There is nothing better than going to bed in something comfortable.


Looking for a great gift for a friend or a lover? Books make great gifts and Amazon is packed full of them. Is she into Sci-Fi? Give Karen Chance’s Cassie Palmer series a try. There are a number of great poetry books out as well Whiskey Words & a Shovel, Pillow Thoughts, you can even pick up a copy of my personal poetry book, All or Nothing.

If you are unsure of what book to get her for a Christmas gift, gift cards are always an option.

Video Games

Yes, women like video games too and if the women you are looking to buy a gift for is very into video games, it’s an easy gift. Find out what platform she has and find a game she might enjoy. A few titles recently out include:

At the end of the day, the best Christmas gift you can give the loved ones in your life is something personalized. You know them the best. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, it could just be a few things they need around the house. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Overcoming Obstacles: Reclaim Your Power

In life we will all face obstacles that test our will power and strength. They can cause us stress and seem like they serve no purpose, however when we overcome obstacles we grow in unexpected ways. Though we will all struggle through obstacles out of our control, we have power over how we react and face these obstacles and have the ability to reclaim our power. Here are some ways to help you overcome obstacles and reclaim your power.

Be Objective

The first thing you must do to overcome obstacles is to evaluate objectively. Look at is as if you were seeing it for the first time, while using logic to avoid letting emotions lead you down the wrong path. Everyone has the potential to fail, but we also have the power to success. The only difference is the effort that is put in.

Embrace Self-Awareness

Knowing yourself can help make it easier for you to face these obstacles in a way that suits you. Everyone has strengths and weakness, to be aware of your own can help push you through these obstacles in a way that is easiest for you.

Change Your Mindset: Be Positive

Many forces are out of your control and can cause you to spiral into a negative mindset. The one thing you have control of is how you react to these things. Being brought into a negative mindset will only make matter worse for you, learn how to keep your thoughts positive and focus on goals to overcoming obstacles that are trying to hold you back. What’s done is done and can’t be changed, but you can learn from it and grow.

Be Proactive

When it comes to facing an obstacle, don’t sit around forever trying to figure out a way around it. The best way through something like this is to be proactive. Taking action is the only way to accomplish something. Even the smallest steps will help start heading towards getting through your obstacles.

Set Goals and Keep Yourself Accountable

Start by setting goals that can help lead you in the right direction. No matter how small, this will get you started on the right path. Goals help us build a path and a direction through a challenging obstacle. While you don’t need all the answers to the problem right away, you need to start taking some sort of action towards the end goal. As you work through these small goals it will quickly be clear how to keep going and create more goals that help you overcome obstacles.

Be Persistent: Don’t Give up

Things aren’t always going to be easy. You might fail some of your goals or find that they don’t end up the way you wanted them too. That’s okay, because now you know that’s not the way through this. Everyone faces challenges, but the persistent ones are the ones who make it to the other side. Don’t give up, even when it seems like you aren’t going anywhere. Eliminating all other possible outcomes helps you to find the right way to go about things; you just have to keep pushing through.

Gain Perspective

The onset of obstacles can throw your whole life into chaos and create situations you didn’t see coming. By gaining perspective you can step outside of this chaos for a moment to help you come to a decision. This can be done by speaking to a friend or family member who can help you get a different view of this obstacle. Someone you love and trust to help guide you to overcome obstacles.

This does not mean you are dissociating from the actually obstacle. Rather you are looking at it from a different view point to help gain a different perspective that might help to lead you through it. Getting though and obstacle doesn’t always mean you have to take the path of most resistance. Sometimes you aren’t seeing an easier way through and it is helpful to get a different set of eyes looking at it.

Celebrate Successes

Successes can be a big motivator to push us through a difficult obstacle. Anytime you experience a win it is good to take time to celebrate it. This helps to drive you to keep taking actions that will lead you to this place again. Is a reward for all the effort it took you to get in the position to win.

If you ever feel stuck, try writing down a list of successes you have achieved throughout your life to help motivate you to reach that point again.

Find Your Peace

It is important to find something that can help you find your peace and calm you. This can be exercise, writing, mediation, travel, or whatever type of natural therapy that helps to center and re-energize you.

First Women In 55 Years To Win Nobel Physics Prize, Donna Strickland

A Canadian physics, Donna Strickland, is being honored with a Nobel physics prize along with Gérard Mourou and Arthur Ashkin. On Tuesday, Strickland became the first woman to be honored with this award in 55 years and only the third woman all together, with Maria Goeppert-Mayer winning in 1963 for her work in discovering nuclear structure. The first woman was Marie Curie, back in 1903.

Strickland and Mourou worked together to develop intense and short optical pulses, which have been shown to have medical applications. Strickland and Mouror’s short and intense laser pulses, “chirped pulse amplification,” can cut or drill holes in a precise manner, in living matter. This has led to technology that allows for corrective eye surgeries.

Ashkin, who they share the award with, is being honored for his development of “optical tweezers.” These tweezers can grab any tiny particle without causing damage. This includes bacteria, viruses, and other living cells.

With this award comes a 9 million kronor prize (about $1 million,) half of which goes to Ashkin and the other half being split between Strickland and Mourou.

This is important strides for women’s history, as climb the ranks . Women make up about half of the world’s population, but they do not make up half of the awards given out. As most of the laureates are men, we take a closer look at why this is the case.

Going back 20-30 years there were less women who work in scientific, male dominated fields. It was much harder for women to find work and be taken serious. As most laureates seen today are older, the increases of women in the scientific field toady have yet to be seen as laureates. We can only hope that, with time this will increase.

Women are in the science field, and have not gotten enough recognition. History has shown the women will often lose their place in history to men, example Rosalind Franklin. Her x-ray crystallography provided an image of DNA, which led Francis Crick and James Watson to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology for their double helix model of DNA.   It shows younger generations that, even as a woman, you can be anything you set your mind to.

Donna Strickland has made strides that help show that women are in fact involved in these fields and deserve equal recognition for  their work.

28 Things I have Learned In 28 Years of life

We aren’t born with the answers to how we are going to live our lives. Time is the only thing that can reveal these answers. As we grow older we learn valuable lessons, which help us come to terms with the versions of ourselves that we inevitable develop into. A version that is, hopefully, wiser and better than the day before. Today, June 7th, is my 28th birthday and to commemorate that here is a list of 28 lessons I have learned throughout the years.

  1. Life is not always forward momentum. Sometimes, you find yourself stumbling backwards and this is needed to help center yourself so you can start moving forwards again.
  2. Grudges over love are never worth holding on to. If they aren’t treating you the way you expect to be, someone else will come around that can. Never settle for something that makes you feel unwanted.
  3. Be kind to people, even if they aren’t to you. You never know what battles they are fighting.
  4. Let go anger, it will only cause you harm.
  5. In fact let go of all negative energy that is holding you back from happiness.
  6. Surround yourself with people who build you up and support you. You have enough doubts in your own head; you don’t need them from outside sources.
  7. Never stop striving to make yourself better. We are not fixed beings; we are capable of growing into something different each and every day. Take advantage of this and learn a new way to live.
  8. Your biggest goal should be living a life that leads to happiness.
  9. Learn how to accept that things change because this is the only certainty in life. The more you hold on to trying to keep things static, the more you will suffer.
  10. Everyone has problems they are working through, you aren’t special and it shouldn’t be a competition.
  11. The simple act of living means you will suffer in one way or another; learn to accept to smile even in the most trying of times.
  12. Love is not supposed to hurt. It may not be perfect, but it shouldn’t be causing you to suffer on a regular basis.
  13. Learn to celebrate the small things. Life is happening around you and it isn’t going to slow down.
  14. Be active, go outside, and enjoy nature. Our world if a beautiful place and should be thoroughly experienced.
  15. You can keep learning even if you are no longer in school. Knowledge is powerful, never stop searching for answers. It will help you better understand this world.
  16. Stop saying you will do something tomorrow. Today is the best day to start working towards you goals. A better moment will never come.
  17. Failure is inevitable, but it makes you better. Learn to accept failure as a part of life, but don’t allow it to hold you back from trying again.
  18. The best person to rely on is yourself. Learn how to be self-sufficient.
  19. Relationships require a lot of work, but going to sleep with the same person in your bed every night can make life a little less lonely.
  20. Don’t get other people involved in problems with your significant other.
  21. Communication is a vital skill to have.
  22. Hustle hard, but be humble about it.
  23. Make sure you aren’t perpetuating your own misery because you have grown a taste for monotony.
  24. Don’t waste time stressing over small things you have no control over. If something doesn’t go right, learn to accept it and move forward. You don’t have control over the flow of the universe.
  25. Learning to forgive others for their mistakes is for you, not them. It helps give you peace of mind.
  26. Life can be expensive, but money will not bring you happiness.
  27. Your health is not guaranteed. Injuries and illnesses can take a long time to recover from. Take advantage of the days you are healthy and experience what the world has to offer.
  28. Most importantly, life should never be taken too seriously. Laugh at yourself, laugh with your friends, and smile more. Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

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The Effect Positive Thinking has on Your Health

Positive thinking isn’t always the easy things in the world. It will often seem impossible to control the direction the voice in our head will take. When it comes to being healthy, many of us forget to work on keeping our thoughts and mind healthy. We go to the gym and eat a healthy diet, but we never think to clean up the things we hear in our own head. But keeping your mind on track with positive thoughts can actually help you live longer and improve your health. Here are just a few reasons why you should try keeping a positive outlook to improve your lifestyle.

Reduces stress

Life is always going to have its challenges that will push you to your limits. This can cause stress. When the body is stressed the brain signals the releases of a hormone called cortisol. A number of different health issues have been linked to excess amounts of cortisol. By reducing your stress, you can reduce the levels of cortisol that is released into your system. While negative thoughts can put your body into stress, positive thoughts can help prevent this. Controlling the path your thoughts go is a great start in reducing stress.

Fights depression

Most psychologists will agree, depression often comes along with pessimistic thinking. While you can’t always fight depression with positive thinking, it can be a big help. It all starts with you learning to push away the negative thoughts and allow positivity to replace them. Your thought patterns can be altered to allow a more positive outlook. This isn’t always an easy task, but it can have a huge impact on your life. It takes time and effort to master.

Increased immune system

While there is still more studies that need to be done on this, it has been shown that how you think can have an impact on how your immune system will function. It seems that a positive outlook can even help you fight off those nasty colds. People displaying an optimistic outlook are more likely to show an increase in their immune system, while people with a pessimistic outlook had lowered immunity.

Live longer

Not only does positive thinking help reduce stress and increase you immune system, but it helps you live longer overall. People with an optimistic outlook have been shown to have lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart attack, even if they have a family history of it. Happier people tend to live healthier lifestyles and make better life decisions. This helps aid in keeping them healthier longer.

Your body is affected by your brain, and what you think can have a huge impact on it. Keeping a positive outlook not only helps you live a happier life, it has been proven to help you lead a longer, healthier life. While it isn’t always the easiest thing to do, learning how to control the things you think can be very beneficial in all aspects of your life. It is an essential to your health as working out and keeping a healthy diet. Overall health doesn’t just stop with your body; it also resides in the way you are thinking.